Jonathan David Harris

Jonathan Harris CBE FRICS is a chartered surveyor, a past President of the RICS and founder of the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning.

With extensive experience in property investment & development and in the field of lifelong learning, Jonathan’s career has earned him royal honours for services to surveying and further education.

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In this modern world, our lives are changing at an unprecedented pace. While rapid progress can be beneficial in many ways, it also presents great challenges. How should we respond? What can we do in order to allow ourselves and our world to thrive? I believe that part of the solution can be found within one particular concept. This concept is highly flexible and able to support us as individuals and as a society, if we are willing to embrace it. I am referring, here, to lifelong learning.

Lifelong learning, in the first instance, is about choosing a particular mindset. It is about appreciating the importance of knowledge in our own lives and committing ourselves to learning ‘little and often’. Through an open mind and a willingness to challenge our thinking, we can keep growing and adapting. We may be in a position to support others with their own learning as well. Everyone is included, from all backgrounds and situations, from the youngest to the oldest members of our society. As we each increase our knowledge and develop our skills, we are contributing to our individual and collective success in the face of change.

Jonathan David Harris CBE
Founder & Chairman of the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning and Institute of Continuing Professional Development