Sam Wanamaker PlayhouseThis July, students from four schools across Southwark alongside members of a local drama group will take to the stage at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. They will perform an abridged version of “As You Like It” in the finale of this year’s “Our Theatre” community project, run by Globe Education and supported by the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning.

The project aims to provide valuable lifelong learning opportunities to all those who take part, offering the chance to develop confidence, communication skills, self-esteem and a sense of community.

Over the last six months, the students – who come from three mainstream secondary schools and one special educational needs school – as well as members of an adult community drama group, have been immersing themselves in the world of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. Together with Globe Education, they have been exploring the play’s themes of love at first sight, disguise and the differences between city and country life. Everything they have learnt will come together in an abridged, hour-long performance of the play. Each participating group will present one act of the play in a full “Our Theatre” company performance.

The performance takes place on July 12, 2018 at 3.30pm and is set to be a superb celebration of the Southwark community, Shakespeare and lifelong learning. Friends and family will be there to enjoy the performance and offer their support.

The “Our Theatre” project offers those who live and learn in the London Borough of Southwark the chance to be part of theatre life. It is free to all participating schools and will enable students not just to visit the Globe or the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, but to take ownership of the stage.

The Harris Foundation is delighted to be supporting the “Our Theatre” project and the lifelong learning benefits that it brings. The Foundation’s collaboration with the Globe will continue for at least another three years.

Photography students get creative

The Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning is also supporting a collaborative project between London South Bank University and Shakespeare’s Globe – the first of its kind between the two organisations.

Sixteen BA Photography students from London South Bank University will be documenting the “As You Like It” rehearsal process. This will lead to an exhibition at Shakespeare’s Globe, at London South Bank University and at the various schools taking part in the “Our Theatre” project. Some photographs will also be used in the programme for the July performance.

The photography students will use a variety of techniques to capture the rehearsal experience. They have been split into five groups and assigned to the four schools taking part in “As You Like It” and to the adult company of actors. One group will be exploring time-lapse photography and incorporating images that relate to the Seven Ages of Man. Another group will be making a movie trailer, while yet another has chosen to focus on character portraits and images that suggest the settings in the play – “candid photographs” will result in a concertina-style book which charts the journey from first rehearsal to performance. The final group will run photography workshops exploring “light” and “darkness”, inspired by Caravaggio’s paintings.