Now we speak upon our cue, and our voice is imperial

Act III, Scene 6

Last month, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse stage was filled with the action and emotion of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Participants from “Our Theatre”, a community project by Globe Education, performed their abridged version of the famous history play.

This year, two mainstream secondary schools, one Special Educational Needs school, The Globe’s Southwark Youth Theatre, and an adult theatre company took part in the project. Together, they delivered two stunning performances at the playhouse.

Photography students from London Southbank University were also on hand to document the project in a variety of creative ways.

Our Theatre participants perform Henry V at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Jonathan Harris, Founder and Chairman of the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning, commented:

“We are delighted to have supported Our Theatre for a second year. The project responds to our mission in a number of ways. Putting on a production develops lifelong skills for the young and old. Rehearsal depends on collaboration, on sharing ideas and encouraging one another. Taking on a role nurtures empathy. Performing in front of an audience enhances self-confidence. Working on a Shakespeare play raises self-esteem. In addition, the Our Theatre project fosters a love of theatre and of Shakespeare.

“My thanks to all the team in the Education and Development departments who have managed this project; to the Globe Education Practitioners and teachers/directors who have worked with the five groups; and to the photographers from London Southbank University for documenting the production process so magnificently.

“Above all my congratulations to the actors and musicians for being brave, bold and resolute enough to perform in front of a public in one of the most iconic theatres in the world.”