“Our Artis Specialist is more important now than ever. She enables children to be creative at home, to continue their learning, feel connected to school, and support their wellbeing.”

Emme Ford, Headteacher, Lee Mount Primary School

When schools closed in March 2020, Artis Foundation began seeking new ways to offer children the benefit of its expert arts educators. As a result, Artis Specialists have created a host of bespoke online sessions that children can access from their homes.

So far, over 500 videos have been developed for over 7,500 children. They cover a wide range of topics across the curriculum, having been uniquely created to fulfil the needs of specific schools and classrooms. New sessions are being shared regularly with partner schools and are being made available to parents for use at home each week.

An Artist Specialist at work

Artis Foundation uses movement, music and the spoken word to help children engage with learning and gain valuable lifelong skills. Increased confidence, communication skills and self-expression are just some of the benefits offered by the Artis approach.

Schools have been extremely positive in their feedback of the Artis online sessions during lockdown and their role in boosting children’s wellbeing at home.

Going forward, the Foundation will continue to invest in training for its Artis Specialists as they embrace new ways of using technology to deliver sessions. As part of this, they will be designing and creating content to support children as they transition back to school and into the ‘new normal’.

Artis and its approach to education through the arts is endorsed by the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning.