“Creativity, communication, confidence… these are skills and qualities that we need throughout life, and schoolchildren across the country are gaining them through Artis.”

Jonathan Harris CBE

The Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning has provided match-funding for two primary schools, enabling them to benefit from Artis Foundation’s creative learning approach. Over the course of this academic year, Artis Specialists will be working closely with Carterhatch Junior School, Enfield and Brooklands Farm Primary School, Milton Keynes.

Enriching the curriculum

Together, Artis and each school will use the arts to enhance the curriculum. Music, drama and movement will help to bring topics alive, stimulate curiosity and spark a joy of learning. Meanwhile, pupils get the chance to develop important “soft skills”, such as creative thinking and good communication. All of this, in turn, helps to build confidence and resilience.

Through Artis, the teachers themselves can also learn new skills and gain confidence. Armed with additional tools and ideas, they are empowered to deliver the curriculum in new and creative ways.

“At Carterhatch, our focus is on enriching our pupils’ lives and well-being through a creative, broad and inclusive curriculum. Providing a rich curriculum is key to making a positive difference to pupils’ lives, developing happy and well-rounded citizens who are confident and resilient.”

Helen McGovern
Headteacher, Carterhatch Junior School

“Our goals and ambitions involve facilitating further creative opportunities within the curriculum to develop the whole child. We believe that the Arts will increase the levels of engagement, motivation and well-being for the children as well as the staff.”

Maxine Low
Headteacher, Brooklands Farm Primary School

Looking to the future

Alongside match-funding for the two schools, the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning has provided funds to support Artis at an administrative level. Jonathan Harris comments: “Now more than ever, charities such as Artis need our support.

“The pandemic has presented challenges that schools and pupils will be dealing with for years to come. If we can offer creative learning during this difficult time, we will be giving our young people a greater chance to thrive in the future.”