Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning supports two Artis schools for a third year running

This autumn term, Artis Specialists have continued to champion creative learning within schools across the UK. Carterhatch Junior School and Brooklands Farm Primary School are two such examples – both of which are being supported for a third year running by the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning, allowing them to reap the benefits of Artis Foundation’s approach.

Feedback from staff and children highlight just how valuable an Artis influence is within the classroom, from enhancing academic performance to supporting social and emotional wellbeing.

Alongside the more immediate benefits, Artis’s impact has the potential to be far-reaching over the long-term. An analysis by Pro Bono Economics found that for every £1 of cost the Artis programme could generate up to £32 in lifetime benefits. The findings demonstrate how Artis’s creative learning approach is not only beneficial in the “here & now” but is also an investment for the future.

Enhancing the learning experience

Bringing the curriculum to life is one of Artis Foundation’s core aims. Artis Specialists work closely with teachers to identify opportunities for creative learning and to incorporate performing arts within lesson plans. Whether the subject is geography, history, science or mathematics, Artis Specialists are able to find creative “ways in”. Through drama, music and dance, children are encouraged to become physically and emotionally engaged in learning. 

This approach helps students to process information on a new level, exploring alternative perspectives and in some cases “becoming” the characters that they are learning about.

The Artis approach also benefits teachers, who gain new skills to add to their teaching toolkits. With an Artis Specialist on hand to offer guidance, staff can deliver arts activities with more confidence and creativity.

Building confidence and teamwork

Time and again, Artis Specialists see the impact of creative learning on children’s confidence, teamwork and self-esteem. The performing arts naturally lend themselves to developing these vital qualities and doing so in a fun and imaginative way. 

For those children who may otherwise be reluctant to take part in class activities, an arts-based approach can provide a significant confidence-boost. Indeed, Artis sessions often prove to be something that these children really look forward to. Teachers witness this enthusiasm first-hand as pupils embrace the chance to express themselves, listen attentively to others and learn through role play.

Harnessing the potential of performing arts

“Artis firmly believes in the transformative power of the performing arts to change lives. We help thousands of children every week by integrating the arts throughout their learning.”

Artis Foundation

Artis is able to achieve a wide-ranging impact within school communities thanks to its focus on the power of performing arts. It provides support academically through a creative approach to the curriculum. In addition, it offers social and emotional support by using the arts to promote wellbeing and tackle social issues. Artis’s approach also enables children to develop important life skills, including creative thinking, self-expression and public speaking.

“Taking all these elements together, this powerful combination is a huge asset to any school community,” comments Jonathan Harris. “The excellent feedback shared by Artis schools year-after-year bears witness to this. With the potential for significant benefits over a child’s lifetime, it is clear that an investment in creative learning today can reap rewards for many years to come. At the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning, we are proud to support Artis’s valuable work.”