On July 12, the stage was set at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse for “Our Theatre” 2018. Performing on the day were 80 actors from four Southwark schools and one local drama group. After months of rehearsal, they delighted their audience with an hour-long rendition of “As You Like It”.

The play was divided up as follows:

Our Theatre As You Like It programme cover and running order: Act 1 – Sacred Heart Catholic School Act 2 – The People’s Company Act 3 – Spa School Act 4 – University Academy of Engineering South Bank Act 5 – ARK Walworth Academy

“Our Theatre” is a long-running community project by Globe Education. Lack of funding brought it to a halt in 2017. However, with support from The Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning, “Our Theatre” is now up and running again. The initiative is a wonderful opportunity for the actors involved to develop their confidence, communication skills and self-esteem. It also allows them to enhance and cement their relationships within the local community.

As You Like It has a very beautiful and happy ending. Rivalries are resolved, families are reunited, harmony is restored and there are weddings a-plenty. The Forest of Arden is filled with fellow feeling, compassion and humanity.”

Globe Education, Our Theatre 2018