Every week, Artis Foundation helps schoolchildren across the country to learn through the arts. Thanks to its creative approach, Artis is able to bring the curriculum alive in the classroom. Children use their minds, bodies and emotions as they engage with key topics through movement, music and drama.

One benefit of using the arts in this way is the inclusive nature of the approach. Whether a child lacks confidence or has special educational needs, there will be a creative way to engage them. Below are two examples of Artis in action.

A flexible approach for children with special educational needs

Artis Specialist Hannah (Wriggle) put her creativity and skills to the test when she joined a class that included a child with a cochlear implant and hearing loss.

Hannah describes what happened:

“Before the session the teacher came up to me and explained that the child was not likely to join in. They were trying Artis out for one week with their interpreter. Drawing upon the Artis training and my experience working with children with hearing loss, I adapted the session to include non-verbal communication, and more Makaton and sign language in my explanations. The child was fully engaged and resulted in working independently with a partner.”

Building confidence in multiple ways

Meanwhile, Artis Specialist Sarah (Bloop) has been working with a select group of children in one of her schools in order to develop and increase their confidence. This includes confidence in speaking and participation as well as their general confidence in themselves.

The sessions have got off to a great start. Sarah says, “It’s such a pleasure to see the children slowly start to come out of their shells and see their smiles blossoming in just the first few weeks.”

Supporting the arts and creative learning

For a second year running, the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning is supporting the wonderful work of Artis in two schools. These are Brooklands Farm Primary School, Milton Keynes and Carterhatch Junior School, Enfield.

Jonathan Harris comments, “When it comes to education, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Children learn in different ways, and a creative approach to learning can accommodate this. Thanks to the skill and experience of Artis Specialists, children with many different needs can benefit from learning through the arts.”