In these uncertain times, there are many reasons that a commitment to high standards at work is beneficial. From attentive customer service to extensive technical know-how and attention-to-detail, professional standards come in many forms. An important aspect of all these, of course, is a dedication to continuous learning. With the landscape around us changing at an astonishing pace, now more than ever we need to keep learning if we want to keep up.

Going “over and above” with CPD

For those who are part of a professional body, continuing professional development (CPD) is likely to be a membership requirement. There will be a minimum threshold to reach in order to maintain your membership – and the credibility of your profession. For many individuals, however, CPD is more than a tick-box exercise. It is a valued activity which holds appeal for a variety of reasons. It can be fulfilling in its own right, and in some cases it can become a passion.

A commitment to continuous learning offers many benefits to the individual and to wider society. On an individual level, being committed to going the extra mile with your CPD offers a point of difference – a chance to stand out from the crowd. Those who are highly knowledgeable and can demonstrate the latest skills will give themselves an edge in the eyes of their clients, employers and prospective employers. A dedication to professional development helps to build trust and improve career prospects.

There is a case for public interest here too. Professionals who go ‘over and above’ with updating their skills and knowledge are more likely to follow best practice and to champion the latest guidance and know-how. To have professionals in our society that are constantly at the cutting-edge is in everybody’s interest. Ultimately, it helps to ensure high standards and the safety of all concerned.

Recognition for your commitment

The desire to learn and improve can be hugely motivating in itself. However, those professionals who are indeed going “over and above” with their CPD are often not recognised in a formal sense. This is something the iCPD has been seeking to change.

By joining iCPD, individuals can take advantage of post-nominals and digital badges. These can be displayed to the wider world to demonstrate your commitment to learning. They show that you take professional development seriously, and in doing so they offer reassurance and credibility.

Become a member for FREE today

All professionals who sign up to the iCPD now will receive their first year for free. There are three different levels to choose from depending on your career experience. These are: Achiever, Member and Fellow.

iCPD members have all demonstrated a commitment to learning. Through the very act of becoming a member, they are showing that learning and development truly matter. Customers, colleagues and the wider community will benefit as a result.