Buck's Club logoFine food, lively discussion and plenty of reason to celebrate. On May 16, 2018 the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning held its annual dinner at the Buck’s Club in London. Supporters of the Foundation gathered to hear the latest news, to discuss new projects and to celebrate the valuable work currently underway.

Guests were treated to a presentation by The Globe on its “Our Theatre” project, which offered insight into how learning and performing Shakespeare can help children to develop a host of lifelong skills. There was also a chance to discuss the Foundation’s latest activity – sponsorship of the Artis “Bounce” programme – which was warmly welcomed.

“We hold these dinners each year to gather input and advice from our supporters. It is also a chance for us to say ‘thank you’. We’re so grateful to all those who support us.

“Communication skills, confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem… these are just some of the benefits on offer to the young people involved in the ‘Our Theatre’ and ‘Bounce’ initiatives. Once gained, they will be with the young people for life. That is truly something to celebrate.”

Jonathan Harris, Founder & Chairman of the Harris Foundation for Lifelong Learning